Enter Rural Scene

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Enter Rural Scene


Enter Rural Scene is a writing and arts anthology edited by New York based writer Vivian Ewing.

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ENTER RURAL SCENE from Wash and Fold Press is an anthology of humbling, lyrical and often dark work by women, trans, queer, non-binary, and/or female artists and writers based throughout the country. This limited edition is a beautiful hardcover book of poems, stories, essays, photographs, paintings and drawings by:

Isaac Atkins

Deirdre Coyle

Jenna Crowder

Caitlin Duennebier

Nicole Duennebier

Greta Grant

Rook Grubbs

Caitlyn Mae

Bella Provan

Alaina Symanovich

William Wold

Elizabeth Ziemska

6 x 8.75 in
Smyth Sewn Hardcover
60 Pages
Edition of 100

Edited by: Vivian Ewing
Design and Layout by: Trevor Powers
Printed and Bound by: Conveyor Editions

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