Wilt Magazine #2

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Wilt 2 Promo.jpg

Wilt Magazine #2

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Wilt #2 Includes work by


Lotte Reimann

Dylan Hausthor

P. Guilmoth

Tersea Gillsepie

Isaac Atkins

Jocelyn Lee

Jan Hoek

Andy Heck Boyd

John Fireman


There’s a rustling in the bushes at the back of the parking lot. Cars hum by on the highway. The sun is bright but the bushes are in the shade. You shield your eyes to get a closer look but the source of the disturbance is well hidden. What good would come from investigating?
Wilt Magazine’s second issue is a collection of what good would come. The featured artists have been getting thorn-scratches on their ankles to find out what’s happening behind the bushes.
Jocelyn Lee finds forest creatures that appear to be looking for her. Jan Hoek brings back portraits of people that started as models and became more. Lotte Reimann seems to have knocked on unlocked doors and let her findings fall out onto the stoop.
From eery to intimate, from sunbathers to human spiders, the artists in this second compendium have found evidence of what happens when you don’t turn back.
-Vivian Ewing

Offset printed, 6"x9"

This issue is rated R

Silver foil stamped title and unique foil stamp number on the back of each copy.

Made possible with help from Space Gallery and the Kindling Fund

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